Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Always listen to Mark Bittman!

For those of you who don't know The Minimalist, Mark Bittman's NYTimes column...well, get to know it. You should.

After running out of yogurt this morning, I found myself with quite a bit of excess granola. Thanks to the Berkeley Whole Foods' insistence on selling their bulk goods in paper bags, it was either use it or lose it on this quick-to-go-stale ginger granola. Enter the Minimalist. (It seems like that should be in lowercase, but maybe that's too minimal.) This column appeared a few weeks ago, and I've been trying to figure out if it was a good idea to try or not. Turns out it was, with a caveat. And that caveat is, if a recipe has less than 8 ingredients, and especially if this recipe is for a baked (in this case non-baked) good-- FOLLOW THE RECIPE!

(I'll link to the recipe here.)

I had the correct amount of granola, but only a few spoonfuls of honey left in my bear (I know it's the cheap, commercially produced stuff, but it comes in a bear!). So I decided to substitute more peanut butter, leaving me with a mixture of 85% peanut butter to 15% honey. I also neglected to heat it before adding it to the granola. So even after chilling for 4 hours, I basically had little squished rectangles of peanut butter and granola. My boyfriend made fun of me, but I ate them all anyway. It would have made an awesome crumble on ice cream, had we had any.

The second attempt was much more successful and included organic cranberries and sunflower seeds (I can't get enough of these lately) and the right amount of locally produced honey*. Soooo much better. They're like rice krispie treats for grown ups, something I like to consider myself these days. 

*At this point I'd just like to say how awesome it is that local, organic, seasonal, all-the-bio-buzzwords ingredients are so readily available in the Bay Area. California, I love you to death.

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